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Cleveland Screaming 2-Discs DVD Set

“Cleveland’s Screaming” is a documentary film about the hardcore punk rock scene in northeast Ohio in the era of Reaganomics (1981-1984). A new breed of punk rock music came about named hardcore, which led to kids forming bands and building scenes around the country, networking a community of people from all over the world. This independent movie shows the beginnings of NEO hardcore punk’s DIY spirit to its demise a few years later, as told first hand by the people and bands that were there, including interviews, rare concert footage, photos and fliers, never before seen until now.

DVD 1 – Full Length Documentary

DVD 2 – Special Bonus DVD with rare 80s concert footage, interviews and other extras


Devil Times 5” – RH-10, the newest release from these fiends with cover art by Vince Rancid. For fans of the dark side and Halloween, this CD showcases the latest Dead Federation lineup with exciting new songs and reborn versions of some Dead Federation standards. All songs written by current members of Dead Federation: Tom Dark, Jeff Hardy, Caitie O’Shea, Tommy Rocker, and Mike “Shoobs” Shubert; and former member Bill Farkas (Spookhouse.)

“Devil Times Five” comes as close to the band’s fireball live performances as possible in a studio. Check out the sinister new song “Mark of the Sign” and the new “Bloodlust” version. Order for fast delivery from Red Hour Records,



RH-1 Step sister – “Shoeshine” / “Jesus in a Bottle”Debut 2 song 7′ inch single from these Cleveland rockers. On vinyl. $5.00 (United States) $5.00 (Overseas). Stepsister single - Jesus in a Bottle, ShoeshineStepsister single - Jesus in a Bottle, Shoeshine (Back)

RH-2 Step Sister – “Straight Up, No Chaser” CD.First full length recording with studio recordings, demo & live radio broadcast between 1994-1997 with different line-ups. High energy rock to sloppy lo-fi punk blues. In the vein of Stooges, Laughing Hyenas and The Lord High Fixers. $10.00 (United States) $12.00 (Overseas). Stepsister CD- Straight Up, No ChaserStepsister CD- Straight Up, No Chaser (back)

RH-3 Step Sister – “Big Bad World” / “Joannah” / “Driven”3 song e.p. on vinyl. 5.00 (United States) 8.00 (Overseas). Stepsister single - Big Bad World, Joannah, Driven Stepsister single - Big Bad World, Joannah, Driven (back)

RH-4 “If he’s the singer, then what the hell is he saying?” book.The complete lyrics of Step sister 1994-2003 by Tom Dark & friends. Only 100 made. $5.00 (United States) $7.00 (Overseas). If He's the Singer, Then What the Hell is He Saying (book)IHTSTWTHIHS book (back cover)

RH-5 Step Sister “Black Hearts Bleed Red” CD.Last Step sister recording of unreleased songs, outtakes & a live radio broadcast. $10.00 (United States) $12.00 (Overseas). Stepsister - Black Hearts Bleed Red CD Stepsister - BHBR CD (Back)

RH-6 Knifedance “Discography 1985-1990” CD.“Wolf Hour” album, “Who Then is Sane” 12′ inch e.p. & 2 song 7′ inch single all on one disc! $10.00 (United States) $12.00 (Overseas). Knifedance - Discography 1985- 1990 CD croppedKnifedance - Discography 1985 - 1990 CD (Back) croped

RH-7 Tom Dark – “Scorpio Rising” CD Tom Dark’s first solo release. Backed up by the bands The Driven High & Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival with unreleased songs pulled from the vaults by his past bands The Dark & Step sister. $8.00 (United States) $10.00 (Overseas). Tom Dark solo CD- Scorpio Rising Tom Dark solo CD - Scorpio Rising (back)

RH-8 The Guns – “S/T” double vinyl LP album, 43 tracks $22(U.S.), $33 (overseas). Free download with purchase After close to 30 years, The Guns lost recordings from the 80s are finally out! All the lineups with studio recordings, compilation tracks, demos, practices, live shows and a live radio broadcast; rare material including photos, fliers, and a complete history of the band with original artwork by Vince Rancid on the gatefold sleeve. Only 900 pressed! theguns_albumlayout4 The Guns double LP back

RH 9 Dead Federation – “We Await” 6 song EP Newest release from these fiends – includes Pagans cover and front andf back cover artwork by Vince Packard (aka Vince Rancid) $8.00 (U.S.) $10.00 (overseas) Dead Federation We Await EP frontDead Federation We Await EP back

NON-RED HOUR Record Releases available:
The Dark “Scream Until We Die” double CD – Grand Theft Audio 063.78 tracks from The Dark (1981-1984 Cleveland, Ohio) of their twisted hardcore meets deathrock (45 Grave, Christian Death, TSOL) punk. All the studio recordings, demos, remixes, compilation cuts a live radio broadcast & show. $12.00 (U.S.), $14.00 (overseas) The Dark - Scream Until We Die CDThe Dark - Scream Until We Die CD ( back)


SFE-01 The Guns – “Attack”This cd was recorded in 2005 & released in 2006, when The Guns reunited in honor of Guns drummer David N. Araca, during the “Cleveland screaming” concert series. All the hits are here re recorded in the studio & is a monster of a disc! You will not be disappointed! Only 500 made. The Guns - Attack CD (back)The Guns - Attack CD  

KSR – Dead Federation – demo (S/T)First recording demo from Cleveland horror punks. CD $8 (U.S.) $10 (0verseas) Dead Federation Demo front

Dead Federation demo back